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 Internship proposals  :

The following internship proposals is part of the SAFER Project (Stochastic Aeroelasticity For aEronautical Research) conducted in the Fluid-Stucture Interactions thematic Group of the d'Alembert Institute.

  • WP1 : Aeroelastic Reliability-Based Design Optimisation of Composite Swept Wings : OPEN

The duration of the positions is for 6 months. For additional informations or applications, please contact A. Vincenti  (angela.vincenti(at) or Jean-Camille Chassaing (jean-camille.chassaing(at)

Past internships :

  1. M. Casanova, Deep Neural Networks and Reduced Order Models for Unsteady Flows and Aeroelasticity, MSc in Computational Mechanics, Sorbonne Université, 2021
  2. A. Chaarane, Data Assimilation for Flow Induced Vibrations, MSc in Computational Mechanics, Sorbonne Université, 2021
  3. A. Caro, Sparse reduced-order modelling for incompressible flows, MSc Mathematics and Applications, Sorbonne Université (in collaboration with S. Costanzo and T. Sayadi), 2020
  4. T. Negri, Aeroelastic Analysis and Optimisation of Composite Plate Wings by Coupling of DLM and FEM Methods, Msc in Mechanical Engineering, Politecnico Milano and Sorbonne Université (in collaboration with M. Sharifi and A. Vincenti), 2020
  5. H. Galante Amino, Development of a forward-backward numerical uncertainties propagation tool, Master-2 Energétique & Environnement, Sorbonne Université (in collaboration with A. Belme), 2019.
  6. M. Sharifi, Aeroelastic optimization of a composite plate, Master-2 Computational Mechanics, Sorbonne Université (in collaboration with A. Vincenti), 2019.
  7. A. Anzoleaga, Implementation of a modal approach in a ALE-based aeroelastic solver, Master-1 Computational Mechanics, Sorbonne Université (in collaboration with A. Vincenti),  2018.
  8. A. Pécheux, Uncertainty Quantification in high-speed internal flows, M1-Fluid Dynamics, Sorbonne Université (in collaboration with A. Belme, 2018)
  9. G. Geitner, Simulation numérique d’Interactions fluide-structure sous FEniCS, Master-1 Mathématiques et Applications, UPMC (in collaboration with C. Maurini, 2017)
  10. J. Feng, Numerical simulations of unsteady flows past a cylinder using a Discontinous Galerkin Method, M1-Fluid Dynamics, UPMC (in collaboration with R. Marchiano, 2017)
  11. P. Yang, Receptivity analysis of shock wave boundary layer interactions, M2-Fluid Dynamics, ENSTA ParisTech (2017).
  12. T. Buey, Piezoelectric energy haversting modelling of a nonlinear pitching and plunging aeroelastic model, L3 Mechanics, UPMC (2016).
  13. F. Di Donfrancesco, Flutter prediction of composite wings using a Doublet Lattice Method, M2-Fluid Dynamics, ENSAM ParisTech (2016).
  14. G. de Guyon, Implementation of a dynamic grid procedure for the computation of fluid rigid-body interactions, M1-Fluid Dynamics, UPMC (2015).
  15. D. Kalamulla, Numerical study of wake transition past a rotationnaly oscillating cylinder, M1-Fluid Dynamics, UPMC (2015).
  16. J. Maruani, Flutter analysis and uncertainty quantification of composite wings, M1-Structural Dynamics, UPMC (2014).
  17. M. Touil, Robust optimization od aeroelastic strucures using evolutionary algorithms, M1-Energetics, UPMC (2014).
  18. R. Durand, Robust aeroelastic optimization of aircraft wing structures, M2-Fluid Dynamics, ENSAM ParisTech (2013).
  19. C. Nitschke, Quantification of model-form uncertainty in nonlinear aeroelasticity, M2-Fluid Dynamics, ENSAM ParisTech (2013).
  20. C. Chanal, GPU-based high-order computations for aeroelasticity, M1-Energetics, UPMC (2012).
  21. J.-S. Lee, Time-frequency analysis of fluid-structure instabilities in aeronautics, M2-Energetics, UPMC (2011).
  22. H. Toubin, Stochastic investigations of elastic lifting surfaces under multiple uncertainties, ENSTA ParisTech (2011).
  23. J. Agoumi, Numerical simulation of fluid-structure interactions for compressible flows, M1-Energetics, UPMC (2010).
  24. J. Trégon, Stochastic aeroelasticity of supersonic airfoils, M1-Energetics, UPMC (2010).
  25. J. Le Meitour, Uncertainfy quantification of limit cycle oscillations of airfoils, M2-Structural Dynamics, ENS-Cahan (2009).